1Continuation bitb8
2Primary account number (PAN)LLVARn..19
3Processing codean 6
(Constructed Element)
4Amount transactionn 16
(Constructed Element)
5Amount reconciliationn 16
(Constructed Element)
6Amount cardholder billingn 16
(Constructed Element)
7Date and time transmissionMMDDhhmmssn 10
8Amount cardholder billing feen 12
(Constructed Element)
9Conversion rate reconciliationn8
10Conversion rate cardholder billingn8
11Systems trace audit numbern 12
12Date and time local transactionCCYYMMDDhhmmssn 14
(Constructed Element)
13Date effectiveCCYYMMn6
14Date expirationYYMMn4
15Date settlementCCYYMMDDn8
16Date conversionMMDDn4
17Date captureMMDDn4
18Message error indicatorLLLVARansb..140
(Constructed Element)
19Country code acquiring institutionn3
20Country code primary account number (PAN)n3
21Transaction life cycle identification dataans 22
(Constructed Element)
22Point of service data codeb 12
(Constructed Element)
23Card sequence numbern3
24Function coden3
25Message reason coden4
26Merchant category coden4
27Point of service capabilityanb 25
(Constructed Element)
28Date reconciliationCCYYMMDDn8
29Reconciliation indicatorn3
30Amounts originaln 32
(Constructed Element)
31Acquirer reference numbern 23
(Constructed Element)
32Acquiring institution identification codeLLVARn..11
33Forwarding institution identification codeLLVARn..11
34Electronic commerce dataLLLLVARb..9999
(Composite Element)
35Track 2 dataLLVARz..37
36Track 3 dataLLLVARz..104
37Retrieval reference numberanp 12
38Approval codeanp 6
39Action coden4
40Service coden3
41Card acceptor terminal identificationans 16
42Card acceptor identification codeLLVARans..35
43Card acceptor name/locationLLLLVARansb..9999
(Composite Element)
44Additional response dataLLLLVARansb..9999
(Composite Element)
45Track 1 dataLLVARans..76
46Amounts feesLLLVARans..216
(Constructed Element)
47Additional data nationalLLLVARans..999
48Additional data privateLLLVARans..999
49Verification dataLLLVARans..999
(Composite Element)
50-51Reserved for ISO
52Personal identification number (PIN) datab8
53Security related control informationLLVARb..48
54Amounts additionalLLLVARans..126
(Constructed Element)
55Integrated circuit card (ICC) system related dataLLLLVARb..9999
56Original data elementsLLVARn..41
(Constructed Element)
57Authorisation life cycle coden3
58Authorising agent institution identification codeLLVARn..11
59Transport dataLLLVARans..999
60-61Reserved for national useLLLVARans..999
62-63Reserved for private useLLLVARans..999
64 or 128Message authentication code (MAC) fieldb4
65Reserved for ISO use
66Amounts original feesLLLVARans..216
(Constructed Element)
67Extended payment datan2
68Batch/file transfer message controlan 9
(Constructed Element)
69Batch/file transfer control dataans 40
(Constructed Element)
70File transfer description datan 18
(Constructed Element)
71Reserved for ISO use
72Data recordLLLLVARansb..9999
73Date actionCCYYMMDDn8
74Reconciliation data primaryn 156
(Constructed Element)
75Reconciliation data secondaryn 90
(Constructed Element)
76-92Reserved for ISO use
93Transaction destination institution identification codeLLVARn..11
94Transaction originator institution identification codeLLVARn..11
95Card card issuer reference dataLLVARans..99
96Key management dataLLLVARb..999
97Amount net reconciliationxn 21
(Constructed Element)
98Payeeans 25
99Settlement institution identification codeLLVARan..11
100Receiving institution identification codeLLVARn..11
101File nameLLVARans..99
102Account identification 1LLVARans..28
103Account identification 2LLVARans..28
104Transaction specific dataLLLLVARansb..9999
(Composite Element)
105-108Reserved for ISO use
109Reconciliation fee amounts creditLLLVARans..144
(Constructed Element)
110Reconciliation fee amounts debitLLLVARans..144
(Constructed Element)
111-115Reserved for private use
116-122Reserved for national useLLLVARANS..999
123-127Reserved for private useLLLVARANS..999
128 or 64Message authentication code (MAC) fieldb4

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