jsxmlRPC :: API Reference


The API reference in this section sorts Objects and functions by the file they are implemented in. These files are located in the src directory of the jsxmlRPC distribution and are assembled into a single js file named all_scripts.js which is stripped of comments and unnecessary whitespace for inclusion on html pages.


Just in case you'd like to complain, I'll alternate between "method" and "function", I'll mention "class methods" and "instance method" and mix usage of "attribute", "member" and "property". Hopefully this will prove annoying only to Javascript purists, should such creatures exist. But please let me know if my descriptions are unclear or unreadable or whatever or if I've confused "by" and "buy" or "your" "you're" and "ur". Consider yourself to be proofreading a draft, that I'd appreciate any feedback on. Thank you!

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